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  • jim-mora-colts-playoffs-fantasy-football

    League Configuration and Settings

    Hopefully all of you are enjoying the NFL offseason. Now that you’ve read my article on proposed league...

  • james-white-1486394885

    League Scoring Settings

    As part of my fourth season writing, Matt and Stephen have asked me to write a series...

  • RS_news_photo

    Can the Seahawks Make a Run?

    As someone living in Seattle who closely monitors the Seahawks every season, this season feels very different. There...

  • Sometimes getting the elite free agent in a thin auction means going all in.

    Press Your Luck

    When I was a kid, I used to love the Game Show Press Your Luck (Editor’s Note, this...

  • In their rookie draft, these writers need to keep their eye on the ball like rookie standout Corey Coleman

    numberFire Rookie Draft Results ’16

    Welcome to year three of their writers league featuring writers from Reality Sports Online, numberFire, ESPN and

  • 920x1240


    In the Zone First off, I’d be remiss as someone born and raised in Cleveland to not...

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