• medium_2017-01-12-32579d52a9

    Divisional Weekend Predictions

    Well, last week went pretty much as the experts expected with all favorites/home teams prevailing, and only...

  • RS_news_photo

    Can the Seahawks Make a Run?

    As someone living in Seattle who closely monitors the Seahawks every season, this season feels very different. There...

  • 2017_NFLPlayoffBracket_Full-GBwins

    Wildcard Weekend Predictions

    Yes, your fantasy season is over, but the NFL playoffs have begun! Whether your team is still...

  • 64973904

    RSO Staff Picks: Week 17

    Week 16 Results 1. English – 11-5 2. Wendell – 10-6 1T. Papson – 8-8 Overall Standings 1. Papson – 154-84-2 2. Wendell – 153-85-2 3. English – 150-88-2 A huge week in...

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