Reality Sports Online (“RSO”) is engaged in the development and dissemination of reality-based fantasy sports products. RSO aims to provide fantasy users with a realistic and engaging online general manager experience by simulating the front office operations of a professional sports franchise through its sophisticated platform.

RSO launched its first product, a Fantasy Football Front Office League Manager Platform (the “Football Platform”), in July 2012. The Football Platform allows real participants to build and manage their fantasy teams like an NFL general manager and compete against one another during the NFL season.

The Football Platform’s most innovative feature is its Free Agency Auction Room, in which up to 32 fantasy owners compete against each other to sign NFL players to single and/or multi-year contracts. The Free Agency Auction Room simulates NFL Free Agency over the course of 3-4 hours, instead of 3-4 months.

Additional features of our Football Platform include a Rookie Draft (with slotted contracts and in-draft trading), the NFL salary cap, guaranteed money, salary cap acceleration, in-season signings, contract extensions, injured reserve, a franchise tag, rookie options, practice squad, a full range of customizable settings and scoring categories, and much more.

2012 Winner

Rookie of the Year – FSTA

2013 Finalist

Most Innovative Product – FSTA

2018 Finalist

Best Season Long Fantasy Game


Consecutive Seasons of Growth


Matt Papson (CEO)

Former: NFL salary cap guy. Collegiate spear-thrower and speedo/headgear wearer (separately). Villanova (Communications & Business). Georgetown (Sports Business, Management & Operations).

Current: Consumer Goods Strategist (by day). Entrepreneur/RSO Prez. (by night). Amateur hacker (golf, not code).

Kyle English (CTO)

Former: Mobile, web and cloud application architect. Badger fanatic and intramural all-star. Wisconsin (Computer Science and Engineering). Minnesota (Software Engineering).

Current: RSO’s Chief Technology Officer (by day and by night). Professional hacker (code, not golf).

Stephen Wendell (COO/GC)

Former: NFL front office and big law. Collegiate first baseman turned law school softball pitcher. Princeton (Economics). University of Virginia (Law).

Current: Real Estate Developer (by day). Entrepreneur/RSO COO (by night). Wannabe professional (golf & code).

RSO’s mission is to pioneer, and become synonymous with, a new category of fantasy sports by developing realistic front office platforms across multiple professional sports, which provide customers with an unparalleled user experience.


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