Looking for the most complete and realistic Fantasy platform?

The MOST realistic Fantasy experience:

RSO places you in the big char; you have all the abilities and power of an actual NFL GM. You love fantasy football, especially the control dynasty leagues give you. Now, imagine you get full control of the most realistic experience, period.


The RSO Experience

Traditional redraft leagues make every player a 1-year rental. Regular dynasty leagues let you own players forever. RSO is the ONLY platform that is built for you to prove your true football intellect. At RSO you negotiate 1-4 year contracts with players (via our AI agents). GM's compete in our auction room to offer the best contract. Will you offer a higher guaranteed salary on a 1-year deal or a slightly lower per-year salary over 4 years? How will that affect your cap?

Complete and Realistic

RSO was built for football lovers. Features, details, and offseason schedules follow the NFL.

  • Free-Agency auction
  • Rookie draft
  • 1-4 year contracts
  • re-sign players in-season
  • manage salary cap
  • trade draft picks
  • practice squads
  • injured reserve
  • even franchise tag
  • & more...

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