Tech Update: Finalize Franchise Tag

Updated: July 23rd 2017

Finalize Tag

We are releasing a new feature today which will allow you to finalize your franchise tag choice prior to the normal time of three days before your league’s rookie draft.  You’ll now see a ‘Finalize Tag’ button on the contracts tab of your team page.  This feature will finalize your franchise tag selection and remove all expiring contracts from your roster.  Selecting this will also enable you to trade your tagged player before your league’s rookie draft.

Now, this feature is permanent in the sense that if you finalize your tag selection there is no going back.  You won’t be able to remove the tag from that player.  You won’t be able to assign it to another player.  There’s no reversing it on our end if you change your mind later, so please be sure you really want to do it.  Finalizing your tag won’t cause players to be auto-dropped if you will be over the cap.  This will still take place three days prior to your league’s rookie draft.  This feature also won’t appear on mobile browsers.

As I stated above this feature will have an impact on trading.  You won’t be able to trade your tagged player until your tag is finalized or after your league’s rookie draft if you choose not to finalize your tag early.  You can, however, trade for a tagged player if your trading partner has finalized his even if you haven’t.  If you do trade for a tagged player, you will still be able to tag an additional player yourself.  Basically every GM gets to tag one player from his existing group of players on expiring contracts if he so chooses, and trading for a tagged player doesn’t count towards that.

Technical Roadmap

Stephen pointed this out in his latest e-mail blast, but I thought it would be good to mention it here as well.  There are a couple other bigger items that we plan to implement this off-season and we figured we would let you know to give you a heads up of what’s coming.  We plan to implement some UI/UX improvements to our site this off-season.  We will also be coming out with a contracts extension feature this off-season.  Since this feature could impact draft/auction strategy, we’ll give you more concrete information on this before the NFL rookie draft so you and your league can plan for the changes.  I can tell you that this feature will be a commish setting so if your league doesn’t want to have the extension feature, you won’t have to use it.

Those are of course just the big items.  We currently have a list of about 120 bugs and enhancements that we are aware of and we’ll get to as many of them as we can before the season starts.  If there’s an enhancement you’d like that you haven’t mentioned to us before, contact us and we’ll give you our thoughts on it.  You guys, the users, are where we get the majority of the ideas that we implement (Matt’s brain can only think of so much).

Questions about anything?  If it’s a short one, you can send it to me on twitter @RSOKyleEnglish or if there are more details to it, please use the Contact Us page.

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