Inaugural High Stakes League update 2

Updated: October 4th 2021

You are. <Looks directly at you>

I am. <Grabs chalice>

We are. <Steps on to balcony>

You are.

<Spins around with chalice in hand and points out to the crowd>

I am.

<Puffs cigar>


<Raises hands in the air and signals to the crowd>

…allll fantasy football experts.   Yeah!

Thanks for joining me for another update.  If you missed the first one, you can check it out here.

As I’m just now getting to these updates after the league has been in existence for over a year now, we have some catching up to do.  Last week’s update got you into my head and my thoughts to understand what brought me to the Inaugural High Stakes League.  If I had to shorten those reasons into a few hashtags it would probably look like this: #Confidence #Competition #Professional #Timing

So, now I’m in.  Time to see what kind of competition I was up against.  To the Google!

Hmmm…A couple names on a split team that do some fantasy football expertise writing on a website.  Ok.  This is what I expected.

No more writers though after that.  Huh.

Well, this is interesting.  Looks like we have an actual ice cream tycoon up in here.  Going to put that one in my back pocket and see if I can finagle a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookie dough at some point…

Beyond that?  No, I really don’t see a lot of credentials.  One of my fellow owners mentioned that he was in roughly 50 leagues though.  Yes.  These are my people.  This is where I belong.  I was really only left wondering why I’m not in 50 leagues either.

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with this group of competitors.  They are simultaneously no better than me (In my very very humble opinion) while enlightening me with a few new strategies here and there that I’m happy to have picked up on and plan to utilize in all leagues moving forward.  So I ask you, did I pay just to join a high stakes league?  Or, have I possibly paid for something more?

Ok, ok.  So, how did season one go?  Well, long story short, I’m here writing to you because I went 13-0, won the Super Bowl, and was declared the greatest of all time by the rest of my league.  Then, it just made sense to have me do the write ups also.  And if you believe that, I have some Edwards-Helaire stock to sell you.

Look, I have some season one regrets.  I tend to play in leagues that have escalating scoring systems where elite players can pop off for insane points.  This makes spending elite money on them worthwhile.  This league has a standard system that reward those yards gained the same whether you’re at 40 for the day or 175.  As such, my year one approach yielded a scary looking starting lineup that lacked depth.  Week one I was near the top of league scoring and 1-0.

By the end of week three I had lost Kittle, Davante Adams, and Michael Thomas.  I dropped to 1-5 in the league.  Heartbreak.  What else is left to do but start planning for the future?  So, I traded away MT for some draft picks and saved a ton of future cap space.  A key move that would put me in good position for the ’21 season.   A trade that was so good that, for better or worse, put me back on a winning streak.  This is really my style.  Who wants a #1 pick anyways?  Certainly not me.  No, I prefer to miss the playoffs and end up with the 4th or 5th pick.  My team, “These Truth’s to be Self Richard Dent,” went 6-7 in season one.  So, enough about my squad who couldn’t break down that playoff wall.  What good is being in a High Stakes League if they don’t talk about you when you win?

The website contributing writers made the playoffs.  The guy who plays in 50 leagues made the playoffs.  Neither was our season one champion.

A team that goes by the name Philadelphia Freeways took the season one title.  If I would describe their approach it would be the exact opposite of mine.  They stayed away from spending elite money but had the best depth.  In a year when we dealt with Covid-19 and players missing more time than usual, this was the best approach and it’s no surprise this team came out on top.  Each year will present different opportunities for roster construction and where to best spend your money and one of the highlights of competing on the RSO platform is seeing and managing these opportunities no different than Bill Belichick might try to do.  Obviously, some years we will be more successful than others.  Just ask Bill.

So, a big Congratulations to Philadelphia Freeways.  Champion of the inaugural season of the Inaugural High Stakes League.

Are you excited about the next official RSO High Stakes League yet?  You should be.  Details are in the works as we speak.

I’m also happy to announce that I will have a discount code for you once RSO opens up for the ’22 season.

The deal is good for everyone except CARL!

Please give me a Twitter follow @RSOHighStakes for more fun league highlights and more details on your future discount.  See you next time.

Matt Russell
High Stakes League Storyteller

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