Inaugural High Stakes League update 5

Updated: November 4th 2021

Hello fellow fantasy football enthusiasts and welcome back.  This time, we are just going to focus on the league.  After all, much has happened and much has already been sorted out.

We still have a little time until the trade deadline of Tuesday, 11/9.  So, we may not see the flurry of last minute trades just yet.  But, several happened last week after two teams look to already be out of contention and began selling off star players in the final year of their contract to gain more draft picks, or other advantages, for the next season.  Other star players still have yet to move but have been officially offered up on the league’s trade block.  Names like Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill.  Absolute game changers.  But, salty salaries do remain an obstacle.  We’ll see how creative these owners can get to make something happen.  I have faith though.  If there is something we have plenty of on the RSO site, in all of my leagues, it’s trades.  The league setup seems to offer more ways to equalize a trade to make almost anything possible.  Clearly, this league will probably see more action than the disappointing NFL trade deadline where we saw… <checks notes> …zero big name players on the move.

If you follow my tweets @RSOHighStakes you may have seen a preview of this next mention.  When the games completed Sunday night, we had ourselves quite an upset that assured us a shakeup of the standings.  The tanking, #12 seed, These Truths to be Self Richard Dent shocked “The Don” Piccolo, just days after completing a trade with him.  A tough outcome for both as “The Don” relinquishes his number one seed, These Truths relinquishes his right to the 1st pick of the ’22 draft, and we have two new, happy owners in their places.

Y-Town, who had the first seed for most of this season, wins his game and retakes the high ground despite a tough challenge from the Wendell Takeover Project in the game of the week.  It was one of those match ups where these were the top two scoring teams this week and they just happened to play each other.  Ouch.  It’s been a tough run for Wendell who started on fire the first two weeks of the season and was our points leader.  Then, McCaffrey went down and so did this Wendell squad.  Since then going 2-4.  Fortunately, their points total makes them the #5 seed right now in the playoff picture.  Let’s take a look at that picture:

  1. Y Town  6-2, 1251 pts
  2. “The Don” Piccolo  6-2, 1066 pts
  3. XFL Stars  5-3, 1264 pts
  4. Big Tings 5-3, 1111 pts
  5. Wendell Takeover Project 4-4, 1118 pts
  6. Rodge and Dodge 4-4, 1104 pts

In the hunt:

7.  Borderland Bombers 4-4, 1044 pts

8.  Schless is More 3-5, 1035 pts

9.  DC Guardians 3-5, 1021 pts

10.  Philadelphia Freeways 5-3, 984 pts

Already out are These Truths (2-6, 964) and NJ Generals (1-7, 962).  Near the top is our points leader, XFL Stars.  Remember, our league takes the first four teams by record (points tie breaker), then the final two playoff teams by points.  That means XFL Stars has a long way to fall to actually be out of the picture.  Y Town as well.  Everyone else is vulnerable.

Another great game worthy of mention from this past weekend went down between Schless is More and Big Tings.  Big Tings was looking for a Monday night miracle and they got it.  Daniel Jones may not be getting a lot of wins in New York but he pulled this one off for his fantasy owners, Big Tings.  Maybe send they guy some edible arrangements to thank him?  Or, maybe, you prefer to send an arrangement to Darius Slayton who was a starter for Schless is More and put up a big fat zero?  In the end, only half a point separated these two teams with Big Tings coming out the victor at 131.60 to 131.10.  Folks, this is a PPR league.  Slayton even got two looks.  And he dropped a doughnut.  While that’s really rough, when you are 3-5, or 4-4, points are what matter.  So, this could have been more of a heartbreaker but we’ll see in week 14 how much that win matters to Schless.  On the other hand, Big Tings sits at 5-3 now and is in a much better position.

On tap for week 9 is a great match up between the #3 seed and #4 seed.  XFL Stars versus Big Tings.  Both teams will each be without two of their starters due to bye weeks. XFL is going to miss Fournette and Godwin whereas Big Tings will surely miss Swift and McLaurin.  Right now, the projections suggest roughly a 130 – 120 win for XFL Stars.  But, there’s a reason we play the game.  Good luck to both.

Have I mentioned that we are looking to expand the High Stakes League’s next year?  Ideally, we are looking at adding two more leagues at once and possibly linking all three leagues in a networked conference.  So, make sure your name is on the waiting list if you have any interest at all.  If we only have enough to form one league this coming season you may have to wait an extra year depending on how far down the list you fall.  You can email RSO or message me through any of my social media outlets at any time and it is currently free to get on to the list.

Join me next week as we discuss any of the trades made at the deadline and we update our standings.  I’m also going ask our season one winners, Philadelphia Freeways, how they’ve spent all that money they won.  Have a great week everyone.

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