Inaugural High Stakes League update 7

Updated: November 19th 2021

I don’t have much for stories this week.  More or less just an update.  Let’s take a look at the current playoff seeding:

(1)  Y Town 8-2, 1504pts

(2)  “The Don” Piccolo 8-2, 1303

(3)  XFL Stars 7-3, 1579

(4)  Big Tings 6-4, 1346

(5)  Wendell Takeover Project 5-5, 1393

(6)  Rodge and Dodge 4-6, 1356

(7)  Borderland Bombers 5-5, 1284

(8)  DC Guardians 5-5, 1277

(9)  Philadelphia Freeways 6-4, 1212

(10) Schless is More 3-7, 1184

(11) These Truths to be Self Richard Dent 2-8, 1108

(12) NJ Generals 1-9, 1101

A quick review of one of last week’s games.  Philadelphia Freeways, subject of our last update, continued their ways despite the trade deadline shakeup.  Newly acquired Davante Adams and Amari Cooper each fell about five points short of their season averages and Philly Freeways put up a measly 99 points.  But, the team wins again against a tanking Schless is More who almost accidentally pulled off the upset with 96 points themselves, giving Philly a decent scare.  Despite another win and one of the better records in the league, the team sits at the 9th seed due to their low point total.  Remember, after the first four playoff seeds the final two are decided by total points.   It’s looking more and more likely this team will have to win enough games to make it into the top four spots if they are to be playoff bound and possibly repeat as league champion.  Which is entirely possible.

A match we will be watching in week eleven is a showdown between the top two seeds.  “The Don” Piccolo and Y Town face off to give us a clear number one seed after this week and, with only a few more games remaining in the regular season, no one can afford a loss.  Due to the point total for each team, I think “The Don” is in more of a must-win situation.  Y Town is sitting pretty no matter what with second highest points in the league.  Salivating and watching from that 3rd seed spot, is XFL stars.  They are our total points leader and, if they keep winning, look to move into that #2 spot after this week.  But, who do they face?  Those Philadelphia Freeways.  I know this much, 99 points won’t win against XFL Stars.  XFL Stars is averaging 158 points per week and has never scored less than 110 points in any week.  But the Philly Freeways keep pulling off the wins.  Can they do it again?

Join me next week to find out.  Thanks for joining me for another update.  See you next week.

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