Q&A with Donald Parham, TE, Stetson

Updated: June 10th 2018

We have a special treat for RSO readers today… a Q&A with Donald Parham, TE from Stetson.  Parham’s name may sound familiar to my readers and followers because I started tweeting about him in May and also featured him in my 2018 FCS Preview.  I reached out to Donald through Stetson’s AD’s office and he was gracious enough to email me his responses despite his hectic schedule on campus.  Parham is an interesting NFL Draft prospect for either 2019 or 2020.  He has a 6’8″ frame and in case you need visual evidence of just how valuable that can be on the football field, I submit to you:

Q: What’s the most memorable football game you ever played? Why does that one stick out?

A: My sophomore year I had a diving catch against Sacred Heart, I think for a touchdown. It stuck out because it kind of set the tone for my level of play for the rest of my career.

Q: When you were growing up whose posters were on your wall?

A: I didn’t have anyone on my walls I have always tried to do my own thing

Q: If you could play one other position in college, offense or defense, what would it be? Why?

A: Defensive end, everyone tells me that I have the stature to be a great one, just if I had a few more pounds on me.

Q: Do you have a player or team you particularly enjoy playing against? Maybe it’s a former teammate or a hated rival?

A: Jacksonville is probably the one to say because its always an intense game and I enjoy the energy.

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals?

A: Just to stay calm and think about my assignments and listen to music.  Nothing too hype, but got a nice beat to it

Q: What’s your favorite play that you’re always hoping gets called? Why is that your favorite?

A: That’s classified.

Q: Do you have any specific personal goals for the 2018 season?

A: 10 touchdowns at least, and 100 [yards] per game.

Q: Is there a current NFL player that you model your game after?

A: Gronk, he plays with a lot of energy and is just overall fun to watch, and he just makes it look easy.

Q: If fans want to follow you on social media, where can they find you?

A: IG and Twitter :@jiggydd_49.

(The above Q&A was lightly edited for formatting and clarification.  Answers were received on May 29, 2018 via e-mail.)

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