RSO Contract Bargain Hunting Week 7

Updated: October 25th 2020

Everyone wants a deal.  The easiest way in fantasy leagues to actually get one is capitalizing on injuries and early performances which did not meet expectations.  The article discusses a few players who have the opportunity to exceed their play this year or in the future.  They may not be cheap but could come at a bargain in comparison to what you might have to pay later on.


J.K. Dobbins

The Baltimore backfield has been one of the most frustrating from a fantasy perspective.  No running back produced much fantasy value despite favorable game scripts for most of the year.  The Ravens utilized a near-even three-way snap division between Dobbins, Ingram, and Edwards.  This Baltimore running back split won’t always be a nightmare but the running-heavy formula likely remains with Lamar Jackson at quarterback.  Dobbins showed off excellent burst in limited action and his upside remains extremely high for the future.

Denzel Mims

Injuries took Mims out of the first portion of the season but he is set to return shortly.  He possesses one of the top athletic profiles coming out of the NFL combine with solid production at the collegiate levels.  Mims is a relatively older prospect and a troubling portion of his production came while covered which might suggest separation issues.   We should also remember the Jets are the front runner for Trevor Lawrence in next year’s draft and head coach Adam Gase likely is gone.  The top receiver attached to one of the highest rated rookie quarterbacks in recent memory is in his range of outcomes further down the road.

Jalen Raegor

Another receiver with early injury issues set to return soon, Raegor is one of the most explosive athletes among the 2020 rookies.  He dominated targets in college and produced at a very young age.  Philadelphia really has no other locked-in long-term receivers on the roster.  Combine Raegor with a quarterback, in Carson Wentz, who likes to take shots down the field and one has the making of huge potential fantasy weeks.


Carson Wentz

Maybe only the Jets can rival the Eagles in terms of injury decimation to the receiving core over the last couple of years.  Inserting random guys like Greg Ward and newly-minted Travis Fulgham into the starting lineup would be comical in most cases but the Eagles and Wentz have done what they can.  The vaunted Philadelphia offensive line suffered through its own woes on the injury front losing basically every starter except Jason Kelce.  Despite all the chaos and a league leading 10 interceptions, Wentz still ranks as the fantasy QB13.  The Philadelphia receiving core should see improvements as Raegor, Jeffrey, and Goedert return.  There will likely always be an unpredictable nature to Wentz’s play thanks to his propensity for gambling on the deep shot.  That propensity has the upside of huge fantasy games though.

Running Back

Chris Carson

While the running back market generally dictates no bellcow running back will really come at a bargain, there is a decent chance Carson might be available in your league at a reasonable cost.  Most of his RSO contracts are relatively short-term, mid-range deals so rebuilders could move him and contenders should find a way to afford him. He constantly deals with injuries which could also suppress his value somewhat.  Carson does not play against many weak run defenses going forward however Seattle should be favored in many games particularly as we get near the fantasy playoffs.  The Seahawks also use him more in the passing game this year with at least three receptions in each game.

Wide Receiver

Odell Beckham Jr.

The warning lights flash for Beckham like an evil red blinking Christmas tree.  Cleveland fully implemented Kevin Stefanski’s run-first offense.  Baker Mayfield looks lost at quarterback.  OBJ continues with his bizarre antics on and off the field.  There likely won’t be a salary discount either as he probably comes in at a WR1 contract.  Beckham ranks as just the PPR WR27 on a per game basis with no more than five receptions or 81 yards in any game so far. There are reasons to consider a move though.  The early struggles could very well bring a discount to Beckham and he still shows game-breaking ability.  Jarvis Landry is playing hurt leaving OBJ as the clear WR1 for the Browns.  Cleveland struggled through one of the more difficult passing schedules early and will have maybe the single best schedule moving forward.  This move ranks as a hail-mary play for contenders however it carries extreme upside with the downside of having a high-priced moderate fantasy producer burning through your cap.

Tight End

Dallas Goedert

Goedert returns later in the year around week 10 or later according to multiple reports.  Zach Ertz has been driven away from the offense, is injured, and was part of trade discussions this year.  He clearly isn’t the future at tight end for the Eagles.  Goedert graded highly his first two seasons in the NFL as a part-time player, uncommon for tight ends.  There is a real chance he becomes one of those rare every-week starting fantasy tight ends.

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