Week 9 Street FA Report

Updated: November 1st 2017

Each week we will recommend a group of players that are owned in less than 50% of RSO league that should be rostered. Depending on roster and league sizes not all of these players may be available. For that, we will offer 1 player that is owned in <10% of leagues as our Sleeper add.


Add of the Week

Kenyan Drake, RB – MIA (Owned 45%)

Week 8: 6 Car/22 yards

Big new coming out of Miami as the Dolphins have traded Pro Bowler Jay Ajayi to the Eagles. This leaves Kenyan Drake and Damien Williams to take on the workload for the remained of 2017. Sources say that while Ajayi has been resting in practices due to injuries the coaching staff has become more impressed with how Drake looks in his sophomore season. This, coupled with the inept ability to produce offense this season is likely why they felt comfortable moving on from Ajayi. Drake worked mostly behind Williams this season but since the trade has gone through the coaching staff has come out to say he will be the primary ball carries with Williams being more involved in passing and 3rd down situations. If he’s still available on the street and you need RBs for the playoffs Drake is a player that needs to be owned in all league now.

Suggested Bid: $3,000,000 – $6,000,000

RB Add

Dwayne Washington, RB – DET (Owned 3%)

Week 8: 6 Car/12 yards, 1 Rec/4 yards

As both a Theo Riddick and Ameer Abdullah owner it frustrates me to no end that the Lions insist on having Washington brought in within the 10-yard line. It’s obvious what his role is which is why the Steelers were able to hold the Lions from getting into the end zone despite having multiple red zone drives last week. But since the coaches clearly want Washington to be their “thumper” back he holds similar value to Matt Asiata from previous seasons. It’s likely that he doesn’t score more than 3 points in any game for the rest of the season but the possibility of having goal-line carries is enough to be bench material in case of an injury to Abdullah.

Suggested Bid: $500,000

WR Add

T.J. Jones, WR – DET (Owned 6%)

Week 8: 4 Rec/88 yards

Kenny Golladay missed week 8 and Golden Tate worked his way back from his week 6 injury giving T.J. Jones an opportunity to be involved in the passing game. He responded with over 80 yards receiving and had his second straight game with over 8 targets. Because of their backfield situation, the Lions are a team that frequently uses 3 receiver formations which means Jones has fantasy value until Golladay and Tate are back to full health. It’s possible that if Jones can be trusted over the next couple of weeks that he may retain the WR3 role regardless of Golladay’s return.

Suggested Bid: $500,000

Tre McBride, WR – CHI (Owned 2%)

Week 8: 3 Rec/92 yards

The Bears receivers are a fickle bunch of players to own, especially since Mitchell Trubisky took over. In his first 4 starts, he has less than 15 completions in every game which makes the week-to-week expectations of Tre McBride risky business. Still, the Bears don’t have a receiver that should command the majority of targets and they just lost their primary TE, Zach Miller, for the season.  McBride has a typical receiver build, 6ft 210 lbs and has similar metrics to that of Pierre Garcon, according to Player Profiler. This late in the season there is likely more valuable to be had in a trade than with anything you can find for free on the street. But if you’re strapped for cash McBride could be a matchup-based WR4/5 some weeks.

Suggested Bid: $500,000 – $1,000,000

TE Add

C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE – HOU (Owned 40%)

Week 8: N/A

There’s better than a 50:50 chance that Fiedorowicz is sitting on the streets in your league in which case you should be picking him up now before he is reinstated from IR. In his first game, he caught all four (4) of his targets and this was when Tom Savage was still the starting QB. When he returns, C.J. will take back the TE1 role in what has become one of the most effective offenses in the NFL. There’s no guarantee when he will return but he did practice last week which should be considered a good thing. In the meantime stash him on your bench. He could be a TE1 going into the playoffs.

Suggested Bid: $2,000,000 – $5,000,000

Sleeper Add (<10%)

Dion Sims, TE – CHI (Owned 2.5%)

Week 8: 3 Rec/15 yards

As previously mentioned the Bears have lost Zach Miller for the season so I’m going to double down on the Bears needing to find new targets to throw to. Sims was an early offseason sleeper while as a member of the Dolphins before they traded for Julius Thomas and let him go to Chicago. Many might point to Adam Shaheen as the next man up but he’s still a rookie and learning the position. Sims is the more polished player, for now, at both receiving and more importantly blocking which will allow him to be on the field more. He should be a considered a TE2 going forward.

Suggested Bid: $500,000

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2017 Top 25s: WRs and TEs

Updated: July 16th 2017

Since RSO has rolled over to 2017, now’s the perfect time to revisit your rosters and start planning for the next season!

Do you have any players on your team that warrant a franchise tag?  Is it time to shop a player who’s 2016 didn’t meet your expectations and now burdens you with a high salary contract?  My “way too early” PPR rankings, known as my 2017 Top 25s, are here to help with those decisions!

If you missed part 1, I explored quarterbacks and running backs.

In part 2 of my 2017 Top 25s, I’ll finish by examining the wide receiver and tight end positions:


Top 25 WRs for 2017

While several of the top WRs didn’t pan out in 2016, I wouldn’t shy away from a WR-heavy strategy in 2017. The top 7 in my rankings have shown year-over-year consistency, which should ease the minds of those recently burned by Hopkins and Robinson. In 12 team leagues, I’d want to leave the auction with at least 3 WRs from this list. since the depth from 13 to 25 is much stronger at WR than it is at RB.


Top 25 TEs for 2017

In 2017, I plan to target Gronkowski, Kelce, and Reed with AAV (average annual values) over $10 million per season. If I strike out on the three of them, I’m likely to wait and select 1-2 TEs from the 9-18 range of my rankings and hope that one can turn into someone I’m comfortable starting on weekly basis.

My Recommendation

Take an hour this weekend and send out personal emails to all of your fellow owners. Get the trade conversations started because they likely won’t come knocking down your door to acquire one of these players you’re looking to vanquish from your roster. Explain what you’re looking to accomplish, who interests you on their team, and provide an idea of how a potential deal could be reached. If you’re in an active league, you’ll be surprised at the quality of responses you receive.

I followed this recommendation last year, revamped one of my teams almost from scratch, and ended up winning the league.  Have a few minutes?  Read my article on Pressing the Reset Button to find out more about how this strategy can work for you.

Bio: An avid fan of all things NFL, Dave has been playing fantasy football since 1999.  Though Dave participates in all types of fantasy football including redraft and daily, he prefers keeper and dynasty leagues as talent evaluation and scouting are integral components of each.  Follow him on Twitter @DaveSanders_RSO

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