Tech Corner: Early Off-season Additions

Updated: February 9th 2018

Now that I’m full-time here with RSO (more info on that here if you didn’t already see it), it makes sense for you to hear from me more often than you have been.  Changes should be coming faster than they have in the past and you deserve to know what’s been done and what’s coming down the line.  These posts won’t include everything we’ve been working on, but will focus on the items that will affect a large portion of you rather than the dozen bugs we fixed which 99% of you will never know existed.  With that said, here are the items from this update:

Rookie Option

We’ve added in a rookie option.  You can now exercise the option on 1st round rookie picks for the average of the top 10 salaries at the position, similar to what happens in the NFL.  This occurs immediately in the off-season during the same time that you place your franchise tag.  The key is that this happens the off-season one year before their contract expires.  This means that right now this off-season if you have 3 year rookie contracts that the 2016 rookies like Zeke and Michael Thomas are available for the option.  If you have 4 year rookies then the 2015 rookies of Gurley and Gordon would be available now.  Some other quick hitting items on the option:

  • It’s a league setting that is ‘off’ by default.  Your commish will need to turn on the setting in the ‘Draft’ panel of the league settings.
  • Limited to just 1st round picks
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re team drafted them or not.  All that matters is if they are on their draft rookie contract, whether you traded for them or picked them yourself.  If they were picked up in FAAB there’s no rookie option.
  • There’s no limit to the number of options you can exercise.  If they fit all the requirements above you can give them the option.
  • Unlike in the NFL, we are treating these options just like any other contract on the platform which means that the option is 50% guaranteed.  If your league decides they like to follow how the NFL does it, then the commish can easily remove the contract when the time comes from the commish tools with no cap hit.

Off-season/Tag Extension

This is the other big item that has been added this off-season, though this one we’ve talked about a bit in the past.  You can now extend the player that you used your franchise tag on in the off-season.  The first step is finalizing your tag choice, either through the ‘Finalize Tag’ functionality or just waiting for 3 days before your rookie draft.  Only after you finalize the tag will you be able to see the extension option.  From that point, you have until 3 days before your league auction to extend the tagged player or not.  Here’s a few other things you should know:

  • A teams number of extensions used is reset with our site rollover that just happened in February.  This means that last seasons extensions don’t affect your ability to extend this off-season or during the 2018 season.
  • The flip side of that is that if your league only allows one extension and you use it on your tagged player in the off-season, no in-season extensions for your team.
  • Players do use their tagged salary as a bit of a starting point.  Don’t tag someone whose not worth the tag thinking that their extension offer will be much lower…you’ll be sorely disappointed.
  • Unlike the in-season extension, these values don’t fluctuate week to week
  • You can can for a tagged player and then extend them yourself as long as it’s before the auction as mentioned above.  You don’t have to be the team that tags the player to extend them.

Up Next: Updating and re-styling the league pages  ETA: March

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